Study Program

September 20, 2021 — May 20, 2022

Our One-Year Certificate in International Diplomacy is the most comprehensive, in-depth and hands-on practical professional training program in diplomatic tradecraft offered outside formal government channels. It prepares trainees for careers in diplomacy and international affairs, including work in government ministries, embassies and consulates, international organizations and global NGOs. It includes four courses during each of the two semesters. We offer hybrid learning options of in-person and online classes.

The courses create optimal conditions for highly interactive and experiential learning, where trainees participate in real-life case-studies, simulations, role-playing and other exercises derived from the instructors’ own experience. The material provides insight into policy-making and implementation, diplomatic protocol, the functions and management of embassies and consulates, diplomatic reporting and writing, negotiation and mediation, political and economic tradecraft, public diplomacy and cross-cultural communication, and other skills and competencies.

Students can apply for $4,000 partial scholarships, which would reduce the $25,000 tuition fee to $21,000.