Role Description

Join the research projects on a specific topic;
Participate in the programs that are relevant with the topic;
Identify important topics in the field;
Summarize key academic work and practical information in the field;
Conduct research on the topics and write up presentable reports/ articles (in Chinese/English);
Translate based on the need of the project or the supervisor;
Participate in other work depending on availability.
Minimum Requirements

Completion of bachelor’s degree or current enrollment in master’s program required, master’s degree preferred (extraordinary senior student may be considered);
Working proficiency in English required;
Knowledge of at least one topic at the intersection of law and international affairs.

Work with global research team to seek advanced and specialized knowledge and experience in a particular area involving law and international affairs;
Pursue participation in global scholarship and seek skills improvement through teamwork with outstanding FLIA Scholars and research teams from all over the world;
Potential opportunities for official positions in FLIA and recommendations for graduate programs, internships, research assistantships, and other job opportunities.

FLIA internships are part-time, voluntary positions. The internship program requires a minimum commitment of three months. The average time commitment will be 20 hours per week.