Spring Events

September 12      Welcome Back Ice Cream Social
12:00-3:30              Tivoli Square

September 28      Authoritarian Drift
3:30 -5:00               North Building 1533

November 27       Confronting Extremism

December 12        End of the Semester Social

PeaceXchange is Hiring! Paid Postions - Fall 2023!
Inquire @ peaceX@ucdenver.edu

Past Events - View here



What We Do

From awareness to action, PeaceXchange aims to assist you in becoming a global citizen. This is an individual whose everyday social and political understanding meaningfully extends outside the borders of their given country without losing sight of local enterprise. Our website offers a multi-dimensional platform with access to objective conflict reports, unique insight into conflict resolution strategies, as well as job and scholarship opportunities in the field of peacebuilding. We welcome you to join the conversation by attending our informative events and by becoming a contributing member of the PeaceXchange community.

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